Dorothy Sedovic

Multimedia Storyteller

MU Library Social Media Intern

As a Social Media Intern for the University of Missouri Libraries I create serial projects that help bolster the brand of the MU Libraries. I work in a team of four in order to help create a social media presence through a solid social media campaign. I really enjoy project creation and I like exploring different ways in order to create a brand.

Banned Books Project

One of the major projects I have done for MU Libraries was a promotional campaign for Banned Books Week. My project included live reporting of public readings in support of Banned Books weeks, an articl on their newshub and promotional tweets.

Promotional Campaigns

As well as serial projects, I also create day-to-day promotional tweets for events and workshops.


My love for social media campaigns and projects does not stop at the professional level. It also is display within my personal social media, especially when it comes to my Instagram. My personal Instagram allows me to combine my professional love for social media and my personal interest such as superheroes and rockclimbing.


This is a hashtag campaign I do on my personal Instagram.
During the week of superhero movie premiere I post superhero themed photos with the hashtag 7daysofsuperheroes.


Another campaign I do is #supersofmizzou. I enjoy expressing my passion for superheroes through my outfits and I enjoy seeing how other express their love for superheroes.
In this campaign I photograph and intervew people wearing superhero attire. This campaign is a work in progress that I continue to adjust and change.

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