Dorothy Sedovic

Multimedia Storyteller

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Ever since I was little I have wanted to tell stories. The passion to tell the stories of others led to me pursue a career in journalism. During my years at the Missouri School of Journalism I discovered the expansive ways to tell stories. I create stories for a digital platform since the digital space allows for me to find the perfect way to tell the story. I have worked to learn and utilize the different tools of storytelling, from text to video to infographics and even web design.

Banned Books Campaign

A promotional social media campaign done for my internship for MU Libraries. It was created to promote Banned Books Week, and included articles, tweets and live reporting.

PROJECT EXILE:Corruption Coverage causes Mexican Reporter's Flight

An interview with Héctor Salazar, a Mexican journalist who was exiled and now lives in the US. For this project I researched, looking for an exiled journalist. Then once I found Salazar, I conducted an interview with him in Spanish than translated our interview into English for the final story.

Sixty Years of MU Twirling

For the Missourian's Homecoming Guide, I created a timeline on baton twirling to enhance their story on baton twirling at MU. I explored dozens of old MU yearbooks in order to find enough data to create the timeline.

(Multimedia Project)

For multimedia packages, I worked in a group of three to find, pitch and transform a story into a multimedia package in the quick and orderly manner. For this particular package, I assisted in collecting footage, interviewing sources, editing the photograph and writing the text story.

Columbia, Mo – Alex Schmitz noticed something was off with her studies after her first concussion. Her symptoms included more than just headaches and dizziness.
“I remember I couldn’t concentrate like I usually would in class. I’m usually fairly into my work and I’m fine. I can stay like that,” said Schmitz, a member of the Women’s Club Soccer team at the University of Missouri. (Read More)

Shalynn Thomas, Right, heads the ball with Bailey Godat as they run drills before their game on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. Both women are members of the University of Missouri Women’s Club Soccer team who was playing against Washington University in St. Louis.

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